Soundproof window

Living in a city-state, noise becomes inevitably part of my life. The hustling and bustling sound can sometimes be a nuisance or irritant especially when I seek peace and quiet. Of course, people would suggest going to the outskirts or mountains to get away from all the noise. But, not everytime I could do something […]

Growth Mindset

Yesterday, when I was going through my kids’ things, I saw the files on the table that were given by their teachers for keeping their homework sheets. I found them very inspiring. Growth Mindset was coined by Dr Carol Dweck after spending 30 years researching on students’ attitude towards failure. Some have rebounded very quickly […]

The first day of 2018

It had been raining since the night before (new year’s eve) till this morning when I woke up from bed. So naturally I thought today (new year’s day) I would probably stay indoor the whole day. The weather forecast had predicted a wet day too. However, to my surprise, the rain finally stopped in the […]