A Day Trip To Home Of Swiftlets, Yong Peng Johor Malaysia 

Have you tried coconut bird nest before? How about bird nest on soya bean pudding?

I have tried edible bird nest before. It is woven by swiftlets from their saliva and harvest for human consumption. It is a Chinese delicacy and most popular tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Process to turn bird nest into edible bird nest

I know, you must be wondering why on earth would I eat something that got to do with birds’ saliva? Eww….. (this was the reaction from my kids).

Well, first of all, my parents did not explain how the edible bird nest came about when they gave it to me (I was a child then). All they said was “it is a premium dessert, nutritional, good for health and please do not waste the food”. So as I grew older, then I realised what it was but i simply did not feel disgusted. Probably because I had tasted it a few times and actually it was like a dessert to me. If you have tried bird nest before, you know what I mean.

Let me show you how it looks like as a dessert :

Coconut bird nest
From a friend’s recommendation, we went to Johor Yong Peng (Malaysia) to try this Chinese delicacy. The place is called Wansern Agrotech. It is located near a housing estate. Besides selling edible bird nest, it also sells organic vegetables.

Once we reached Wansern, there were staff welcoming us. We were brought into a building where the staff explained to us the process of cleaning and preparing the edible bird nest. Inside the building, I could actually see the workers worked behind glass windows, cleaning and inspecting the bird nests. Then there was a cafe where you could buy the desserts and ready-made edible bird nests in bottles.

Workers working on raw bird nests

The desserts do not come cheap, one coconut bird nest costs RM48 and one bird nest soya bean pudding costs RM28. The cheapest is the egg tart with bird nest topping that costs RM5.

Bird nest with soya bean pudding

Overall this trip was informative and fun. The desserts were delicious. The staff were very friendly and answered every questions we asked. The only regret was we did not take a tour to the organic farm because it was raining at that time.

Name : Wansern Agrotech 
Address : Lot 721,722,723, Jalan Desa Putih 11, Taman Desa Putih 
       (behind Taman Melawati), 83700 Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax : +607-467 9981 
Business Hours : 9am – 5.30pm daily

Shop selling edible bird nest
Shop selling edible bird nest

Bottled bird nest for immediate consumption
Bottled bird nest for immediate consumption

Organic vegetables farm
Organic vegetables farm


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