Aqua Aerobics – Week 3 Challenge 

This week lesson was the combination of last 2 weeks lessons, i.e. doing the aerobics routine using a noodle together with music. Sound so complicated! Last week, we had been using the noodles without any music. So I know how to use a noodle but still not that confident in handling it.

First, instructor came by and greeted us with fast pace music for warm up exercise. The warm up exercise consisted of a series of jog on the spot (in the pool), walking forward and backward, movement to the right and left and hands movement too.

Next was the routine with noodle. With the music, it could be quite daunting to follow the instructor’s movement and juggling not to let the noodle float away from our hands or feet. Whenever we held the noodles under water, they gave our muscles good workouts.

I personally found that holding down the noodle using one foot was challenging. It always made me float away. So I needed to hold on to the side of the pool in order to stabilise myself. And because there were about 20 of us in the group, everyone would try to stay near to the pool sides which could be cramped since we only occupy a small section of the pool. Some of us who were more experienced would stay away from the pool side.

Overall, we had a good workout. This time I didn’t have any incident except for being slow. Hopefully, the next lesson would be easier. Till then, need to go and mend my sore muscles!

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