Aqua Aerobics – Week 5 Challenge 

Today I made new progress on this aqua aerobics. This was the first time I did the noodle routine without holding onto the side of the pool for most of the lesson. Yay! Usually when we started using the noodle, I would inevitably move to the side of the pool to hold onto it so I would not float away. But this time, curious about how others could do it, I also tried to stand away from the side of the pool. To my surprise, I could do it. The secret is to use both hands to balance your body while one of the legs step on the noodle.

It was a bit tricky when the instructor told us to change to another leg. I was trying to use my hands to hold on to the noodle so I could change leg. But my instructor told me not to use my hands to hold the noodle. Instead, I should use my hands to balance my body and change the noodle from one leg to the other leg. Surprisingly, I did it. Yay! Another progress.

It was during the routine where we needed to stand on the noodle with both legs then I went back to the side of pool. Otherwise, the whole session I was mostly standing in the middle of the pool. By doing this, I also didn’t have to cramp with the other members.


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