Sweet - Coffee in Cone

Valentine’s Day is a day where couples shower each other with sweetness, whether it is chocolates, desserts or a sweet gesture of giving a rose. Even towards family members, giving sweetness like cooking a meal, playing games together or simply spending time accompany each other to show their love to one another. This Valentine’s Day […]


Beloved - Sunrise

Beloved, is someone or something that you love, hold dearly, treasured, cherished and adored. This preciousĀ one holds dear to your heart. When you see your beloved, you forget all your sorrow and unhappiness. But when your beloved disappears, it makes you miserable, despair and even feeling being abandoned. Sometimes, you get mad at your beloved […]


Soundproof window

Living in a city-state, noise becomes inevitably part of my life. The hustling and bustling sound can sometimes be a nuisance or irritant especially when I seek peace and quiet. Of course, people would suggest going to the outskirts or mountains to get away from all the noise. But, not everytime I could do something […]