The Entertainer Blogger Award

The Entertainer Blogger Award

Here I wish to thank Lorelle from A Mindful Traveller for nominating me for this award. Both of us share the same passion for travelling around the globe. Occasionally, the blog also featured her cooking skills. Do check out the blog and you won’t be disappointed.


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Why did you start blogging in the first place?

  • I have been doing the planning and researching for our trip for a few years and one day my hubby just out of the blue said I could share my travel experiences with other like-minded people or people who are researching for places to visit like I do. So I decided to do it since it is my passion.

What is your favourite book?

  • I enjoy reading suspense/thrillers books like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code or Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express.

What do you dislike the most?

  • Trust is not easy to build or gain. So I would say untrustworthy person/news/product/service etc.

What is your favourite food at the mall?

  • In Singapore, the old, the young and the not so young, all love chicken rice. Even visitors who visit Singapore will at least try this dish. So yes, I would say it’s chicken rice.

What is your favourite pastime?

  • Nowadays I actually spend a lot of time writing my blog and editing photos.

My Nominees 

Happy blogging and have a wonderful day ahead!



12 Replies to “The Entertainer Blogger Award”

  1. We definitely do share the same passion Keen. Enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂

    1. Thanks again for nominating me!

      1. You’re very welcome 😉

  2. Congratulations. Nice to read your answers.

    1. Thank you!

  3. Thanks again for the nomination! Loved reading this – my reasons for starting my blog were quite similar!

    1. You are welcome! Let’s continue to blog as Long as we can and encourage each other by reading the posts!

  4. Congratulations! 🌸🌸 Your blog is brilliant! Thank you sharing your great experiences with the us. 😊

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you so much for your nomination! 😀 We share the same taste in books. I also love Agatha Christie’s and Dan Brown’s books. Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Have a lovely weekend too!

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