My 1 year blogging anniversary

Exactly one year ago I started this blog. And now looking back, I think I have improved my blogging skills along the way. Every week I learn something new about blogging.

But most importantly I cannot continue to blog without you guys out there who have been reading my posts, giving encouraging comments and lots of “likes”. So, here is to give you all a big “THANK YOU” for your continuous supports.

Besides, writing my own blogs, I also spent time reading your posts and others in the WordPress community. Here are some of the blogs that I like:-

  • Traveling Matters To Us by Mel & Suan. I have been reading their posts since I started this blog. All their posts are very detailed and well-written. Most importantly they post very frequently. Kudos to them!
  • Joy Loves Travel – A lot of interesting travel posts about the family of three. She not just posts frequently on the blog but also responds to followers.
  • A Better Man by abetterman21. Very insightful posts talking about everything under the sun. The blog’s titles are always in question form, leading you to think in-depth about the topics that were discussed.
  • My Life Book by Naya. This is a lifestyle and beauty blog. What is special about this blog is that Naya did “Blog Party” to connect bloggers in this WordPress community. So I got to know other bloggers and at the same time got followers for my blog.

There is still a long list of blogs that I like but I want to save them for my next milestone to announce to the community.

Once again, thank you all for your supports. Please continue to read my blog and give me any suggestions to improve my blogging skills. Your encouraging comments are very much appreciated.


4 Replies to “My 1 year blogging anniversary”

  1. Congratulations and happy blog birthday!! Thank you so much for the mention as well.

    1. Thank you and you are welcome!

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging Vera. Lot’s of hard work and dedication are needed for blogging, so well done. Lorelle ūüôā

    1. Thanks Lorelle!

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