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Valentine’s Day is a day where couples shower each other with sweetness, whether it is chocolates, desserts or a sweet gesture of giving a rose. Even towards family members, giving sweetness like cooking a meal, playing games together or simply spending time accompany each other to show their love to one another.

This Valentine’s Day I decided to have brunch at The Coffee Academic at Scott Square Singapore. This was where I tried this dubbed as ‘the most Instagrammed coffee in the World’, Coffee In The Cone. The interior of the cone is coated with chocolate. Instead of ice cream, warm coffee is added into the cone. A stirrer is provided to stir the coffee with chocolate. So this becomes a sweet dessert.

Another dessert I had tried was The Signature TCA Egglet. It is a traditional Hong Kong egglet with mango cubes and milk tea gelato as toppings, together with salted egg custard sauce.

After the hearty desserts, my tummy felt the love already hehe…

Wishing all have lots of sweetness in your lives.

Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet. – Sarah Louise Delany

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