Sweet - Coffee in Cone

Valentine’s Day is a day where couples shower each other with sweetness, whether it is chocolates, desserts or a sweet gesture of giving a rose. Even towards family members, giving sweetness like cooking a meal, playing games together or simply spending time accompany each other to show their love to one another. This Valentine’s Day […]

TOP things to do in Valencia


Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, has a mix of old and modern buildings, certainly has its charm. Besides the architecture, it is where the famous Spanish food Paella originally from. Rich in culture, great architecture, delicious food and plenty of drinks, so definitely should not give this city a miss. Architecture Let’s talk […]

Hong Kong – Food and Shopping 

Some cities you will visit more than once in your lifetime because every time you go, the cities change and they reinvent themselves into something different. Just like Hong Kong, where I have visited a few times. But this time, I went to Hong Kong with my girlfriends, it was sort of a getaway trip […]