Osaka Museum of History

Do you enjoy cultural activities like visiting the museum? If yes, then I would suggest paying a visit to Osaka Museum of History after the Osaka Castle. The walking distance between the two is about 14 minutes.

Google map - walking from Osaka Castle to Osaka Museum of History

It was easy to get to the museum as there were lots of signs along the way to the museum.

This museum is just next to NHK Osaka (Japan broadcasting company). I really like the architecture style of this museum. Very tall, modern, and a three-quarter globe-shaped entrance.

Exterior of Osaka Museum of History

After the morning walk in Osaka Castle, we decided to get lunch first. So, we had our lunch at the restaurant on the museum ground floor. The restaurant name is Star Isle. We had udon, katsu rice set and curry rice. They were deliciously mouth watering.

Restaurant Star Isle at Osaka Museum of HistoryCurry rice at Star Isle restaurant, Osaka Museum of HistoryKatsu rice set at Star Isle restaurant , Osaka Museum of HistoryUdon at Star Isle restaurant, Osaka Museum of History

After a fulfilling meal, we went to the museum ticket counter to purchase the entrance tickets. Ticket for an adult is 600 Yen and for an elementary school child is free. The museum staff had explained to us that we should take the lift to the highest floor, i.e. 10th floor and follow the exhibition route down.

The exhibitions were divided into 4 periods, they are the Ancient Period, Middle Ages, Early Modern Period and Modern Period. In those exhibitions, I could see lots of models of the ancient palaces, the traditional costumes, artefacts, excavation sites etc. Most of the exhibitions had English explanations so it was a tourist-friendly place.

For the kids, they were given a booklet with quizzes. So whenever they visited an exhibit, they would have to look out for the quizzes and wrote down their answers on booklets. There were stamp stations for the kids to stamp on their booklets.

Booklet, pamphlet and ticket for kids at Osaka Museum of History

Another highlight of the museum was we were able to see the Osaka Castle and its surrounding from the museum. We could see the view when taking the stairs from the 10th floor down to the rest of the floors. It was like an observation deck to see the beautiful Osaka Castle Park.

View of Osaka Castle from Osaka Museum of History

After finishing our visit at Osaka Museum of History, we walked for 6 minutes to the nearest subway station, Tanimachiyonchome station, to our next destination, the Umeda Sky Building.

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