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I have been scratching my head to plan trips or programs for my kids during the six-weeks year-end school holidays. And then, there was an article about Science Center Singapore that my Hubby read and suggested to me to bring the kids there. So there we go!

We had not been to Science Center for years so to our surprise that we found out the ticketing counters have moved to the right in front of McDonald’s. We only knew about this when a security guard asked us politely whether we were visiting the centre and the tickets could be bought at the ticketing booth in front of the McDonald’s. As we went on a weekday so no one was queuing at the counter.

There are two new exhibitions, i.e. Circus! Science Under The Big Top and Butterflies Up-close which have separate admission fees. But my kids decided not to visit those two new exhibitions and so we just paid for the Science Center admission fees only. Check out the link here if you are interested to know the various admission fees.

The first few exhibits have been revamped and the kids absolutely love them. They were spending time trying each one of them while I was busy snapping photos.

Are you hypnotized? Science Center Singapore
Are you hypnotized?
Illusions at the Science Center Singapore
Illusions at the Science Center Singapore
An elephant illusion in Science Center Singapore
What do you see? It’s an elephant!

The highlight of Science Center Singapore

Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic Mirror Maze

This was the best experience we had so far. In front of the exhibit entrance, a staff had ushered us to enter and try out the maze. He advised us to use the colourful noodle to manoeuvre inside the maze, apparently, the noodle was to prevent us from bumping into the mirrors. Safety comes first!

The mirror maze was very colourful. While we were walking through the maze, we could see people banging into mirrors. We were very confused because we did not know which were reflections and we were also afraid that we could not get out of there! We kept on turning right and could not find the exit. So I suggested a turn to our left instead. After a few minutes, we finally got out of there! We also saw people following us to the exit. I suspected that they followed us.

Using the noddles to navigate inside the mirror maze (Inside the Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic Mirror Maze in Science Center Singapore)
Hey, don’t hit me with the noodle!! Using the noodles to navigate inside the mirror maze (Inside the Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic Mirror Maze in Science Center Singapore)

Funfair Maths

After the mirror maze, we went upstairs to find out that there was a funfair about maths. There was one station where you could spin a wheel. It’s sort of like Wheel Of Fortune just that you needed to take three random cards and see how many spins did it take to get at least one card.

FunFair Maths in Science Center Singapore
Lady Luck, please give me a good number! Oh man, playing Wheel of Fortune with no prize given…

This was the same station as the above photo. But you needed to balance the treasures on the pirate ship (the treasures are the number circles at the bottom). Caution: They might fall on your feet and they were very heavy.

FunFair Maths in Science Center Singapore
A ship with heavy loads…

In the next station, you could draw drawings like curves and straight lines.You only need to move the tool to create a drawing like this.

The curve drawing
The curve drawing

In the third station, you needed to find and built the fastest way for the car to speed down the track.

FunFair Maths in Science Center Singapore
Ooh… I want to build the scariest roller coaster ride in the world…

In the last station, you could try to ride bicycles which had square wheels! On top of that, you still needed to ride them on a hard sunflower-shaped platform! Not easy though!

Square-shaped bikes in Science Center Singapore
Does anybody want to try the square-shaped bicycles?

Science Experiments

We passed by a station where the staff just started explaining about liquid being acidic, neutral or alkaline. So, of course, my kids were interested to know. They were given three strips of ph papers to do experiments with the liquid in front of them and to write down their ph levels.

Learning about water ph level in Science Center Singapore
So serious listening to the instructions about water ph level

The last station was a soap-making experiment. Each of the kids could customise the scent and colours of the soap they would be making. With just a few minutes, brand new custom-made soaps were in their hands, with the scent they liked and in their favourite colours. Awesome! Note donation is collected for each soap made at the station.

Soap making in Science Center Singapore
“Hey sis, I hope she gives us something delicious from the pan.” “Sorry sis, it’s not for you to eat but it’s for us to make soap bars, silly!”

So there you go! The highlights of our trip to the revamped Science Center Singapore. This is a perfect place for family outing and kids will definitely be entertained by the exhibitions. For me, I was just glad I could see the big smiles on my kids’ faces and had a change of scenery, i.e. getting out of my house 😜

My kids are the contributors to this post. Thank them for their wonderful inputs and hopefully, there will more of such collaboration in the future.

Science Center Singapore family outingScience Center Singapore family outing

Science Center Singapore kids friendly outing


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  1. This looks awesome, my kids would have loved this! Next time! 🙂

    1. You won’t regret bringing your kids there, they will have a blast!

  2. We look forward to the time when they move the science center and make it much bigger. Watching that space!

    1. Yup, year 2020 with bigger and better Science Center!

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