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Living in a city-state, noise becomes inevitably part of my life. The hustling and bustling sound can sometimes be a nuisance or irritant especially when I seek peace and quiet. Of course, people would suggest going to the outskirts or mountains to get away from all the noise. But, not everytime I could do something like that, just pack my bags and leave my place.

Soundproof windows

So this is where these soundproof windows come in. The windows in my apartment, not just serve as a protective layer from the rain and dust, but also insulate my rooms from the noise pollutions coming from the traffics and construction sites. When I close all the windows, I feel secluded and protected from the roaring of motorbikes, the clattering and humming of buses, the rumbling from cars and the squeaking tires sound when vehicles make the sudden stop. Occasionally, when the workers need to fix the potholes on the roads or lay new pipes, I could hear the churning and screeching sound from the cement trucks, the deafening sound from the insistent drilling, the ear-splitting cutting sound and the yelling from the workers. I am shielded from these chaotic and pandemonium once all the windows are closed.

Inside the room with windows closed, I find my sanctuary from all these noises. I can concentrate on writing my blog, read a book, do self-reflection (if I must) or even an undisturbed sleep. The soundproof windows provide the much-needed silence in this hectic city life. Looking at the street across my apartment through the windows,  I feel the lively, fast-paced city with non-stop vehicles roaming on the road. But with these windows that bring silence and tranquillity to my home, I feel at peace and sleep better at night.

If it’s reality you want, I suggest you look out the window. – Peter Stamm

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If it's reality you want, I suggest you look out the window - Peter Stamm's quote


5 Replies to “Silence”

  1. That’s good. And yes we all need the sound of silence every now and then.
    But where we live the sounds of the jet roar might overcome even these windows…

    1. Maybe getting noise cancelling headphones together with soundproof windows would help?

      1. Actually that would be a great idea

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